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The extensive experience and range of Avanti 21 worldwide training, and new paradigms of communication on the Internet, with social networking and mobile technologies, have led us to the decision to create a special division to address different projects that our clients can sue.

In a changing world, it is best to adapt to new needs and recycling capabilities, knowledge and skills. Companies that invest in their personal resources better overcome the attacks of new competitors, better crisis support and better economic performance optienen your time and dedication. A customized training, appropriate to the times and according to the evolution of the sector is a practical, productive and intelligent. Make organizational transformation through people possible.

Avanti21 are experts in identifying learning and development needs. We know human nature to give technical training, and we know that we all have much to learn.

  • Coaching & Business training
  • Customized training, in-company and evolutionary
  • Courses and e-learning
  • Training for results


Adapt or die is a survival strategy, leadership and consolidation. New technologies, new uses of the Internet, Web 2.0, social media, innovative marketing activities, new mobile devices, the new type of customer... New actors in a new setting. We must compete with new tools to create new opportunities in new business models. You can also monetize new ideas to improve our business sensation perceived by customers, partners and collaborators.

We are experts in achieving greater business visibility through a degree of differentiation that allows achieving new goals, cost optimization and monetization of benefits.

  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media
  • Applications smartphone
  • Ecommerce
  • Consulting 2.0
  • Technology Watch
  • SEO
  • Communication Strategies