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We design and structured cabling system design, fiber optics, access control and implementation of security platforms, based on innovative technologies, as well as efficient use of resources, ensuring sustainability in each and every one of our projects.

Our company is focused on developing projects from their design to the commissioning of the installation, consulting advice and make the system that best meets the needs of each case.

There are no equal caseloads and infrastructure security and therefore solutions are not equal. We have accumulated extensive experience in professional installations, which always require a detailed previous study, listening to you... and you to us. Our experience supportsthe success of the results..


Today's decisions in the structured cabling business determine our tomorrow. We offer connectivity solutions projects and efficient, scalable and certified, guaranteeing tofully exploit the possibilities offered by today's convergence and to be prepared for what wecan offer the future:

  • Consulting engineering and cabling systems.
  • Structured Cabling Systems Category 6 + Voice and Data.
  • Network installation and fiber optic lines.
  • Analysis and resolution of network problems.
  • Traffic Analysis and optimization of performance in LAN and WAN.

Whether you choose to install a UTP or FTP solution, single mode or multimode fiber, indoor,outdoor, pre-assembled or pre-assembled in situ, we offer the complete solution able towithstand even the requirements of demanding applications.

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Evolve in your daily communication. Video conferencing has become a very important weapon in this global economy as well for larger firms, setting times, but especially for smalland medium enterprises, thanks to the reach of the Internet began to expand their horizons.

With video, you can organize a meeting or face to face conversation with anyone in just a fewminutes and eliminates the need for travel. In the corporate environment with multipleapplications, among which are:

  • Regular meetings between partner companies, associations or organizations.
  • Virtual business meetings.
  • Management teams.
  • Submission of proposals and products.
  • Conducting job interviews.
  • Teleworking.

In Avanti21 we have the most advanced models on the market in professional projectors and interactive whiteboards.

Teaching is a real experience, learning should also be. The classroom has always tried ActiveClassroom encompass all the elements necessary for it. Now it has become an interactive multimedia experience that invites collaboration, designed to encourage the imagination of all types of students, from those who learn by listening or visual memory, even students whose strength is kinesthetic mode, and others.

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Among the investments that a company needs in order to ensure the safety of your employeesand your business sensitive information, is an integrated or modular video surveillance andaccess control offers:

Intrusion security to watch and record what happens inside and outside a building to prevent, detect, analyze and report intrusions.

Access control to record and permits to persons and vehicles are allowed to enter and exit the building and its surroundings.

Control of robbery and theft, to prevent violations of both client and employees own the company, warehouse or store.

Process Control can monitor the work in industrial areas, commercial and transport to improveprocesses and provide security for workers.

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