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Information security is an issue that every day is taking a more prominent role, becoming anecessity for companies and organizations.

Aware of the importance of protecting the information we have as one of our main objectives,to offer our clients professional solutions for active protection of information, which work in a modular and comprehensive, drawing on cutting-edge technology and methods, we can offerproducts and iT consulting services that guarantee high protection needed to prevent and eliminate any threats that could jeopardize the company's iT assets.

Use ICT technologies to safely take your business to the next level. Ask us how.


To stop the threats on businesses the first level is the perimeter. At that level of hardware devices available at a competitive cost and ease of management that protect against the full range of potential threats:

Firewall: first barrier to protect our organization against threats from the Internet and our business partners.

IPS: perfect firewall for real-time protection against generic threats (including zero-day) from the Internet.

Load Balancer: intelligent distribution of workload among multiple servers to achieve scalable performance and business continuity compared to the decline of individual servers.

Protecting web applications: web server dedicated protection and data flow through the Internet against attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities and audit web.

Protection of Databases: Databases securing, protection against vulnerabilities, monitoring and auditing of changes.

Email Protection: the volume of SPAM existing business communications necessitates the implementation of specialized solutions for detection, labeling, quarantine and / or blocking of spam and malicious attachments.

Web Browsing Protection: Using an in-depth inspection of the navigation of end users, these solutions define policies in accordance with company policies for the safe use of the Internet and block unwanted websites and filter malicious content (malware).

VPNs: secure access solutions to provide users / workers outside the office, as well as remote offices and business partners with integrated authentication and corporate systems integrity and health checks.

Protection against leakage of information (DLP) to prevent leakage of sensitive information both by accident and intentionally, DLP solutions monitor web traffic, email and instant messaging, auditing, blocking traffic and filing documents and / or data, based on corporate policies.

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Apart from the first level of security perimeter, companies must protect their information systems-level job with the perimeter solutions that complement and add additional protection for the environment.

Antivirus, antispam and firewall since: protects workstations and servers against all known types of threats, as well as heuristic technologies unknown malware types, integrating all thenecessary security tools into a single manageable product independently or together, bothphysical and virtual environments.

DLP, the DLP solutions monitor information flows output from the internal network, servers andendpoints to detect and prevent unauthorized transmission of sensitive information outside the company. A job level this translates into control of the local file systems, removable devices, wireless networks, and so on.

Data encryption: this technology allows you to protect data stored on hard drives andremovable devices, helping to meet legal standards and ensuring the non-disclosure of sensitive information in case of loss or theft.

Application Control: solution to define, audit and control the use and implementation ofsoftware applications installed on the systems of corporate information.

NAC/802.1X: technologies to protect network access for computers that do not meet the health and safety policies of the company.

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The Symantec Global Intelligence Network, a network security research in the world, takes advantage of the network to quickly identify threats and respond to them. Our solutions enable you to manage security requirements through a single Web-based console and requires nohardware or additional management software.

Cloud Protection at Perimeter: provides a set of highly effective on-demand services and integrated to protect, control and encrypted communications company, includingAntiSpam and AntiVirus, control content and images for email and archiving solution itself andcontinuity, and URL filtering and antivirus and antispyware protection for traffic HTML,including remote offices and mobile users.

Cloud Protection endpoint level: Symantec Endpoint helps protect yourendpoints, including desktops, laptops and file servers with advanced antivirus, antispyware, firewall and host intrusion prevention, providing defenses key to your small or medium enterprise.

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