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For the successful management of the company is essential to have a team of experts to ensure a perfect fit of the different solutions to the company, a planned training and implementation and technical support and maintenance that can solve any problem that may hinder day to day business. And that is precisely our philosophy. Our goal is to ensure that our services are becoming the most profitable investment of your company. And for that, we put all our experience at your service.

Our services have a main objective: to ensure you can focus one hundred percent to what is really concerned about: growing your business.

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In addition to the supply and installation of computer equipment (workstations, laptops, printers, servers, storage, network electronics, etc..), We will make sure your equipment isoperating throughout the life of the product. For this we have qualified professionals to ourTechnical Assistance Service and repair of all manufacturers with whom we work.

This technical assistance can be offered in several ways: on the facilities of our service in the client's home either by moving one of our professionals or by remote connection to greatly reduce the response time.

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Trusting technology management experts working for you allows you to direct all its efforts togenerate profit in your business.

We share with you the responsibility of their companies, whilst at your service all the infrastructure and tools necessary to achieve its business objectives in the most secure, by selecting the most suitable professionals to the functions required highly specialized profiles, availability maximum immediate and geographical mobility, covering all key sections:

  • Management staff through reporting systems.
  • Employee Portal.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • Internal Communication.
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey.
  • Education and training.
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Given our years of experience in supporting businesses and end users both in person and remotely we have the know-how and specialized personnel to perform tasks of service desk,through a customer service center with support first, second and third tier level.

If the customer has already defined processes and management platform, they will be used for managing events, incidents, requests, problems and approaches, as well as performingcompliance reporting service. Otherwise we will design a customer service center from the start, according to the customer, opening procedures, management, escalation andtermination of incident, problem, events ... based on ITIL, Service metrics definition, design, implementation predefined reports and distribution of all parties and departments involved, design, control and evaluation of SLAs, and development and monitoring of customersatisfaction surveys and end users.

The opening incident, problem, events ... can be done by different methods: phone call, SMS, email, triggers, and integration with customer's own Intranet. The tech support first and second level will be made by telephone with the option of remote support and management tools will be defined as one Incident database of known errors to facilitate self-predefinedtroubleshooting.

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We offer specialized technical support for all computer facilities, guaranteeing a recordresponse time and regular reviews. Urgent support to system crashes, operating system optimizations, efficient and professional disinfection of viruses, device installation, system configurations, and so on.

We have three computer maintenance mode:

No high or fees, the client notifies us when you need it without any no contract and are billedupon completion of the work. Pack of hours, is the bond purchase support hours, which are used at the discretion of the customer. The contract ends when the contracted hours are completed and became effectiveduring the year.

Computer maintenance contract, with monthly billing periods, quarterly or annually. By prior agreement signed with the client in establishing the terms of service and SLA definition, is accessed privileged to support our services with lower response times, detailed reports and historical incidents managed and additional benefits as the opening of incidents via telephone, email and / or own website platform incident management tailored to the client. In this mode performs an initial audit hardware and software systems to identify potential problems, possible corrective and preventive maintenance guidelines for the duration of the contract. As an option we can implement it in the customer's home or at our remote monitoring systems installations of assets involved in the maintenance contract.

Customers with this type of contract will benefit from additional discounts on the purchase of new equipment or the provision of professional services.

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The various safety regulations as LOPD medium and high force many business sectorsoutsourcing your backups. It is also a recommended practice in business continuity plans to protect against catastrophic events that involve the destruction of part or all of thetechnological infrastructure of companies.

To meet these needs, we offer a professional service transport (collection and delivery) andbackup custody of any physical format (tapes, hard drives, CD / DVD, removable media), acontract guaranteeing SLAs in times of response recovery needs 24x7.

Backups are stored in a reinforced concrete vault, protected by surveillance and alarm system,and inside cabinets are available with trays fireproof, with different levels of depth to store different types of media, identified by a code unique security for each customer.

The transportation of backup media is performed inside reinforced briefcases or specific safetypadded envelopes, depending on the needs of each client, using their own vehicles located at all times by GPS.

In this custodial service the client has access only to information contained in briefcases orsecurity envelopes. In the first case, the client who has the keys to access the bags and the second, any tampering with the envelope is reflected in a security thread.

The service cost is determined on the basis of the frequency of collection and delivery of media, as well as the volume thereof.

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  • Asset Inventory Services.
    We take care of inventories of hardware and software assets, providing relevant reports for the client to have total visibility into your infrastructure, facilitating compliance with safety regulations and licensing, and given our close relationship with leading software manufacturers, design an asset purchase plan software to achieve these objectives, if the customer requires.
  • Asset management and monitoring infrastructure.
    Taking as a starting point our asset inventory services, we can design and implement the customer's site or remotely, an asset management solution for computer and monitor them with automatic notifications via email or SMS, which Customer provides an immediate response capability of their systems falls or decrease their performance.
  • Information retrieval service.
    In case of breakdown or mechanical logic or partial destruction, by fire or flood, computer media, with business-critical information, we offer an advanced service data recovery at a cost adapted to the volume of information to retrieve and urgency the client has to have it.
    For this we offer a free preliminary budget with a report of recoverable files, which will be returned in a new medium after acceptance.
  • Management Services databases.
    With the aim of reducing the total cost of ownership for a company is to hire a database administrator (DBA) full-time, we offer these services on demand for Oracle databases, SQL Server and others that include:
    • Defining backup and recovery procedures.
    • Analysis of the patterns of security and integrity of databases.
    • Performance analysis and tuning.
    • Collaboration in the analysis and implementation of high availability Oracle RAC type.
  • Security Audit Services.
    He consults for analysis and management information systems to identify and enumerate the possible security vulnerabilities that exist in their systems and set them on the basis of corrective and preventive measures in order to minimize exposure to IT risks by third partiesand / or companies.
    The different variants of our audits are:
    • Internal security.
    • Perimeter security.
    • Intrusion Test.
    • Forensic analysis.
    • Audits of Web services.
    Following audit standards and international safety information will help you plan and implement their certifications in safety regulations.
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