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The constant changes in economic and business forces companies to be alert, not left to chance any aspect of their daily business management. Whatever your sector, size orstructure, companies today must have tools and versatile software solutions are appropriatefor your needs and budget. And this is where our solutions help them to have full control of your business, seamlessly integrated.

Computer technology is an ally to achieve the necessary productivity and achieve goals. With over 15 years of experience, our services are designed to meet the particular needs and goalsof each of our clients, always seeking to benefit their business.


Eurowin SQL 8.0 is a multi-sectoral business management software, multi-user and multi-tenant commercial management that facilitates (purchases and sales), warehouse management, accounting and financial management and management of depreciation. Can be configured as standard or can be customized to over 30 business sectors within theindustrial, trade, services, etc.

The verticalization is our differential value. It allows us to reduce the implementation time of an application because we take all the knowledge base we have acquired from each sector and allows us to reduce the cost of the project. In this way, our customer pays just the functionality you need and retrieves prior investment.

  • Food
  • Automotive
  • Wholesale trade
  • Retail Trade
  • Construction and project tracking
  • Warehouse management
  • Computers and telephones
  • Production
  • Catering, entertainment and events
  • Services to others
  • Transport

Mobility-on applications are specially designed to complement and add value to the differentsolutions Eurowin Integrated, providing tools and warehouse management control through mobile devices and giving, to management and sales force mobility mechanisms designed toenable the management of customers, and a complete remote access to company information.

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A mobility solution allows employees and business partners can work productively from any location where they are, headquarters, remote site, home address, hotel, travel, and with the greatest possible range of devices, computer , laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Imagine the productivity of eliminating downtime to bring travel or interruptions, as the mainproductivity tools are with you at all times, you can access the information needed and performtasks faster than ever.

Through connectivity in any situation enables the staff to be more productive and more profitable and agile to meet changing expectations, improving response times to theircustomers and their satisfaction.

Through mobile devices can also see current and historical location of any employee, or our entire fleet, and can integrate fixed devices in each vehicle to access our business data in real time.

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Our industrial solutions enable companies to access a new level of efficiency, increasing the visibility of products as they move through the chain of manufacture and / or supply. By monitoring real-time information to help companies identify weaknesses in their production processes so they can focus their efforts on improving them.

Among our products we highlighted bar code readers can be adapted to any production process, RFID solutions (readers, antennas, applications) that provide the necessary traceability now required by companies, and equipment of industrial wired and wireless network.

And using our terminals (PCs, tablets, PDAs, printers) for harsh industrial environmentsapproach to information systems departments of the company that traditionally was not possible, avoiding travel and loss of productivity.

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To reduce the total cost of ownership of information systems and improve business agility in adapting to technological and organizational changes, we offer cloud services consisting ofphysical environments to migrate their whole or in part to our high-security data centeravailability by providing customizable and flexible solutions.

  • Cloud Servers
    To meet the needs of our clients have servers running Windows or Linux Cloud, with maximum Internet connectivity and housed in redundant data centers in Europe, have the most stringent security measures, configurable to your needs. In these solutions companies hire only those resources that will be used and can vary dynamically (CPUs, memory, hard drive) according to the changing requirements of business processes, representing a significant savings by not needing their services oversize input.
  • Cloud Storage
    The cloud storage is a storage model and online network where data is stored in virtual servers. Our storage solutions in the cloud and provide the following benefits:
    • Companies only need to pay for the storage they actually use.
    • Companies do not need to install physical storage devices in data centers or offices, thus reducing infrastructure costs.
    • Maintenance tasks such as backup, data replication, and the purchase of additional storage devices is now the responsibility of a service provider, enabling organizations to focus on their core business.
  • Collaborative services in the cloud
    Through the cloud-hosted services for email, documents, CRM, video conferencing and instant messaging, with a very competitive monthly subscription, business users can eliminate the administrative complexity and operational cost which is a traditional internal infrastructure, increasing very space significantly, and delegating to the provider of the same high availability and backup.
    This service provides access to all this variety of solutions to make collaboration a daily tool that improves the productivity of your business from anywhere with a wide variety of devices.
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We help companies to define a business continuity plan to help them overcome potentialdisaster scenarios hardware or software that may affect their business processes. To do this,we offer our services risk analysis to define preventive measures to implement recoveryprocedures and methodologies for natural disasters or intentional, developing a backup and recovery plan of business processes.

Our consultants in information security will help your company survive catastrophic events that prevent physical access to its facilities, computing resources and / or disclosure of sensitive information outside the company due to theft or unwanted behavior of the employees.

The ultimate goal of these plans is to establish a comprehensive policy document, clear and concise to define all methods of recovery of activity of the company.

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